Manifestation and Returning to Nepal

En route to Nepal again, this time with a plane change in Taipei and an overnight in Bangkok. I’ve travelled rather extensively, especially in recent years, and in the lead up to my departure, people often ask if I’m excited about my trip. The truth is almost always that my excitement really doesn’t kick into … Continue reading “Manifestation and Returning to Nepal”

“Shoulds” and the Rumblings of Manifestation

I’m back in Chernivtsi in Ukraine, where I’ve been a few times over the past year now, and while I like it here, it’s easy for me to see how having a sense of purpose or activity in my life helps me to feel easy and comfortable, and how feeling a little less structured can … Continue reading ““Shoulds” and the Rumblings of Manifestation”

This Moment as Manifestation

Last night, I was sitting downstairs in my home at a worktable I’ve set up, working on printing photographic images and also on a book project that has been brewing, and I acutely felt the quality of manifestation. It has a very warm, restful, satisfying feeling to it. There is something in my personality which … Continue reading “This Moment as Manifestation”

Departing Nepal and Further Orphanage Connection

  I’ve departed Nepal, but not without already feeling like my life may have been permanently altered. I have loved Nepal. So much more to learn and explore here. Volunteering at the orphanage in Pokhara was great and my heart was very touched by the direct connection I was able to have with the kids.  … Continue reading “Departing Nepal and Further Orphanage Connection”

I Am an Ant Killer!

I am in ant killer! It’s true. I recently returned from being away from my home for about a month, and I walked into my kitchen only to find rivulets of ants flowing along the counters and cabinets. With rains just starting up, and with renters leaving little ant-tempting niblets tucked away around the kitchen, … Continue reading “I Am an Ant Killer!”